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2019 One Community Cultural Festival


WOWT 6 News

Sharon Chen

KETV NewsWatch 7

Chinh Doan
Lauren Taylor

WOWT 6 News

Metro Omaha Medical Society

Carol Wang
Leigh Waldman

WOWT 6 News

Nebraska Chinese Association

Julie Verebely

Nebraska Chinese Association

Xiaochuan Zhao

Nebraska Chinese Association

Peng Li
Mr. Peng Li, Nebraska Chinese Association
Ms. Xiaochuan Zhao, Nebraska Chinese Association


11:00 am         

Native American Flute and Singing

by Mr. Michael Murphy


11:20 am         

Native American Dance

by Mr. Myron Byrd


11:40 am         

Folk dance of Mexico

by Mexican Dance Academy of Nebraska



Qipao Fashion show

by Nebraska Chinese Association QiPao Team



Happy Baby

by Nebraska Chinese Association Chinese School Children Dance Team I



Tai Chi Quan

by Nebraska Chinese Association TaiJi Team


12:35 pm         

Instrumental Ensemble: Jasmine Flower

By Joy Group



Filipino Culture Dance

by Fil-Am of Metro Omaha Dance Troupe



Ms. Sharon Chen, WOWT 6 News
Ms. Lauren Taylor, WOWT 6 News


1:00 pm           

Waist Drums Parade

by Nebraska Chinese Association Drum Team


Qipao Umbrella Parade

by Nebraska Chinese Association QiPao Team


1:20 pm           

Grand Opening Ceremony:                

National Anthem

by Miss Phoenix Stanford, Miss Nebraska Outstanding Teen 2019                


· Ms. Linda Steele, President of Nebraska Chinese Association

· Mr. Ben Gray, Omaha City Councilmember 

· Ms. Blanca E. Ramirez-Salazar, Partnership Coordinator of U.S. Census Bureau (Denver Region) 

. Mr.  Pete Festersen, Omaha City Councilmember 


1:30 pm           

Lion Dance and Martial Arts

by Jing Mo Tong Athletic Association


1:50 pm           

Opening Drum Dance

by Nebraska Chinese Association Dance Team


2:00 pm           

Finding Friends

by Nebraska Chinese Association Chinese School Children Dance Team II

Tibetan Dance: Zhuo Ma,

by Nebraska Chinese Association Chinese School Children Dance Team III

Tai Chi Sword

By Ms. Suyan Zhang


2:20 pm           

Dance: Spring River, Flower Moonlight

by Nebraska Chinese Association Dance Team


2:30 pm           

Karen Bamboo Dance

by Omaha Karen Baptist Church


2:50 pm           

Qipao Fan Show

by Nebraska Chinese Association QiPao Team

Ms. Leigh Waldman, WOWT 6 News
Mr. Todd Andrews, The Salvation Army




3:00 pm           

Traditional Irish Dances

by Craoi na Tire Studio of Irish Dance


3:20 pm           

Irish Dances

by Dowds Irish Dance Academy


3:40 pm           

Greek Dances

by St John's Greek Orthodox Church Dance Team


4:00 pm           

Live Drumming

by African Culture Connection


4:10 pm           

Contemporary African Performance: Ghanaian Music/Instruments

by Edem Soul Music


4:30 pm           

Contemporary Hawaiian Music

by The Coconuts


Ms. Carol Wang, Metro Omaha Medical Society  
Ms. Chinh Doan, KETV NewsWatch 7




5:00 pm           

Wadaiko (Japanese style drumming)

by Kokyo Taiko


5:30 pm           

Traditional Japanese Dance

by Friends of Japan at University of Nebraska Omaha


5:40 pm           

Traditional Japanese Dances

by Dance Troupe of Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Omaha Chapter


6:00 pm           

Indian Classical Dance

by Sanjana from Gurukulam Center for Indian Arts


6:20 pm           

Belly Dancing

by Chrysalis Ensemble and Lotus Dance Troupes of Chrysalis Studio of Belly Dance       


6:40 pm           

Live Piano Performance

by Mr. Leland Mickles




Julie Verebely, Nebraska Chinese Association





Instrumental Ensemble: Jasmine Flower

by Joy Group



Native American Flute & Singing

by Mr. Michael Murphy



Korean & Japanese Martial Arts

by Nebraska Academy of Martial Arts



Middle East Belly Dancing

by Sapphire



Chinese Waist Drum Dance/Demonstration

by Nebraska Chinese Association Drum Team



Japanese Martial Arts: Aikido

by Chushin Aikiaki



Nepali Folk Dance

by Miss Kritika Kandel (Nebraska Nepalese Society)



Tai Chi Demonstration

by Nebraska Chinese Association Tai Chi team